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One of the greatest side benefits of belonging to a business networking group is that you have the opportunity to value add to your current business offering for your clients. This is achieved by being able to recommend the right person for the job for your client regardless of what they are looking for.

A common problem that many businesses face is that they do not have the opportunity, or a valid reason, to have regular contact with their past clients. This means they often miss out on future sales opportunities because their customers forget them due to lack of ongoing contact.

If they get in the habit of asking you who you can recommend, then you will always be the go to resource for them regardless of what they are looking for. This also then gives you the opportunity to tell them what other services you provide that they were perhaps unaware of.

Ultimately, you have regular contact, initiated by them, and through this contact you have the opportunity to cement your value and to cross sell your services.

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Next MeetingFriday 14th Aug 2020
8.00 am - 8:50 am

by Zoom due to COVID

Post Covid McMahon Pavilion, Clarke Oval Riddell Road

Business Presentation: TBA

Education Session: TBA

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