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Sunbury Business Networking meetup

At this mornings meetup I was asked about how to go about encouraging referrals within our group.
A great question that deserves it's own education session!
In the meantime, this article can get us start thinking about our businesses and how we can encourage others to assist.

The 3 keypoints I got out of this article are :

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NetworkingOne of life’s most important lessons is that we are in complete control of what happens between our own ears! The attitude of our thoughts will directly affect what is going on around us. If we get up in the morning and stub our toe and then think, “Oh, it’s going to be one of those days!”, then we will be right. It will indeed be one of those days.

The lesson is that it will only be one of those days because we have decided that it will be and have set our attitude to expect it, so our mind will now be on the lookout for the negative. All we need to do is make sure that our minds are set on the positive, looking for and expecting good things, and our minds will now be on the lookout for the positive.

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One of the greatest side benefits of belonging to a business networking group is that you have the opportunity to value add to your current business offering for your clients. This is achieved by being able to recommend the right person for the job for your client regardless of what they are looking for.

A common problem that many businesses face is that they do not have the opportunity, or a valid reason, to have regular contact with their past clients. This means they often miss out on future sales opportunities because their customers forget them due to lack of ongoing contact.

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Have you ever wondered what “Networking” really means and how to actually do it successfully? If you break down the word, there are really two words. Net: which implies catching a large number of something and Working: which implies actual work!

Networking is really a description of the end result. To catch the attention of and educate a large number of people on what you have to offer, and to have them go and do the work of bringing you potential clients without any further input (work) from you. In essence, have many people out their working for you for free.

So how do you do this? By intentionally and systematically meeting with as many people as you can to learn about what they do and to seek to bring them potential clients!

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Networking to advantageGot an idea, but not sure what to do next?

Networking events are great for building connections, but they’re also a rich testing ground for shopping your idea around in the competitive marketplace.

To help you share your business story with others, Small Business Festival Victoria is hosting a world-class marketing showcase, “Small Business BIG Marketing.” More than 800 small business owners are lining up to attend. Read on for our five top tips on how to make the most of this essential networking and upskilling opportunity.

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Next MeetingFriday 14th Aug 2020
8.00 am - 8:50 am

by Zoom due to COVID

Post Covid McMahon Pavilion, Clarke Oval Riddell Road

Business Presentation: TBA

Education Session: TBA

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